Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We are four months old!

Wooowee it's been a while. Okay, so, I've been trying to figure out a solution to all the photo posting and I think I've got it. I've uploaded everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to a account. They like you to have an account to look at pics, but you don't have to. Use this link and sign in a guest. Please, please let me know if this doesn't work or is a pain in the ass.

But here are some recent pics.

The Blue Scarf







And how we spent the weekend (well, one afternoon of it anyway)

We went to the Crystal Springs Rhodadendron Garden and looked at ducks, flowers, and changed the baby on a park bench.

Mr. Ilke and Luca with his new vantage point (ie - big enough to face out)


Oh yes. <3 Portland.


Dry ground. Outside even.


And we like it. A lot!


Mmmmm. Fingers mixed with sleeve.


Far from the weirdest place I've changed the baby.


We also visited Mysterio this weekend...



Yeah, that's what I think too, Luca.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oy, are we behind...

Luca is about a week away from 3 months old. He's loving trying to balance his weight on his legs in a standing position - he hardly ever lets me hold him cradled like a baby anymore. He's making lots of noises, LOVES his little rattle that he can actually hold on to, and LOVES this squeaky toy teether giraffe we got him. He's at least a month or two away from teething, but Sophie Giraffe squeaks and "kisses" his cheeks and it makes him so excited that his little arms and legs go wild.

He's also been practicing his smiling. And that, my friends, is pretty damn fantastic. Here is a glimpse of Luca's first smiles:

And a few photos:

Alright, little man. We're about to go on a road trip to San Francisco. Cross your fingers for us all.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Settling in to parenthood

These are in reverse chronological order starting around November 22nd to just a few days ago.

Daniel and Luca. Even at 8lbs. Luca is still so so tiny.

One of the deciding factors when we bought our new couches was how well it would work as a photo backdrop for baby. :)

Little froggie.

A friend of my dad's knit these awesome blue socks for Luca. At the time, they are more like leg warmers. Everytime I see this picture of Luca I laugh.

No bigger than a handtowel.

It's been super rainy here - much too soggy and cold to take the baby out for a walk in - so, one day, Daniel put Luca in his new stroller and pushed him all around the house following me where ever I went. Yes, I was chased by a little dinosaur going, "Raaawr!" (Though, I suspect it was Daniel making the sound effects.)

Luca had a professional photo shot at the studio Daniel works at. He was photographed by Daniel's colleague, Saskia. It was super fun and I think they want to shoot him again at 3 months, 6 months and 9 months even though he peed all over the props and us. Three times total. I believe you'll be seeing some of their gorgeous shots soon. Here Daniel is taking a break to feed him.

Finger feeding Luca in the car. We were having to supplement feedings this way for a while, but now he only getting nursed and bottle-fed.

He's starting to stay awake on car rides more often now.

Oh, so full!

Kathrine, one of my colleagues, sent Luca this awesome little sleeping outfit that is WAY too big on him now, but at the rate he's growing, not for long. I love this shot. Makes me think of Whirling Dervishes.

LucaSol. A super hero with his fishy cape and duck feet.

Luca enjoying one of his swings. Okay, it may not look like "enjoying" but he wasn't crying or fussing, so we took that to mean he was enjoying it. Or at least, thinking about enjoying it.

"...And then the monster came around the corner and crept up like this..."

"...where did he go?"

"...and then he jumped out and said, 'RAAAWR!' I nearly peed my pants. Wait... I did pee my pants."

"But my papa was there to take care of me."

"I luvs you, papa!"

We took Luca to breakfast.

One Luca with a side of hashbrowns, please. And some sugar for my coffee. Thanks!

The end of autumn. Luca on his walk to breakfast.

That's all for now. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

More Luca Pics - Week three

Lots of sleeping Luca. He does that quite a bit. Tomorrow, Saturday is his "developmental birthday" as Daniel calls it - aka, the day he was due. In real days though, he is just three or four days shy of one month old. One month. Wow does time fly.

He really liked Lane.

I think this might be his favorite sleeping place. (Daniel's too.)

How we spent Daniel's birthday. Scrabble. Donuts. Pete. Papa. Baby. Daniel won the game.